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If you have ever had a child who is doing badly in school then you know how heart breaking and stressful it can be. One of the best ways to get your child to do better is to find a good tutor. These are people who will help teach your child the information they need to know.

Most tutors in North Carolina will work with your child in a one on one environment. This is better than a classroom because it means the teacher is only focused on the learning and development of one student. This helps the student absorb more information about their subjects.

There are two basic kinds of tutors. The first kind or tutor is home tutors. These people will usually come to your home and bring what they need to teach your child with them. This is great if you can’t leave your house or need to go out. Some of these tutors will help “baby-sit” your child and tutor them at the same time. This is a great service for parents who need to leave the home.

The more common tutor is those you must go out to see. The nice thing about this is the tutor usually will have more supplies at their work and will be able to give your child more help.

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Choosing a personal language trainer can be tough and even tougher if you are trying to find a language tutor who sells their services online. The recent wave of high speed Internet installation around the world has allowed people access to an online English or other language tutor. Online language tutors can help you with a variety of topics in a multitude of format such as email, e-newsletters, instant message in real time or over vo-ip and a webcam/headset using Skype or MSN Messenger.

While the Internet proves it's possible to find just about anything you want, it should not be taken lightly because there are a lot of unprofessional people pretending to offer you a service for lower than normal prices. When choosing an online language tutor you should consider the following in deciding.

- Is the price to good to be true? A lot of companies won't tell you this but they will actually use non-native language speakers especially if you are looking for an English tutor. Expect to pay between $25-$35USD per hour for a highly qualified native English speaker.

- Does the company use qualified teachers and will they give you the profiles of the teachers.

- Make sure your tutor went to an actual university that is accredited as many online English tutors have started to post ads on Craigslist using a fraudulent English teaching degree from a degree mill in order to get in on the excellent money that online English teachers can make.

- If you use a private company, ask them what qualifications that their teachers must have.

- Find out where the company is located. You want to find a language company that is located in an English speaking country such as Canada. If the company is located in a non-English speaking country expect to get non-native speakers. Companies have also been known to be located in another country half way around the world and say all their teachers are in Canada or the United States. You should be very wary of this as the quality has been known to be lower at these companies. They may charge a lot less but be aware that most of the time these companies will accept anybody who can speak English without the rigorous standards you would expect from a Canadian or American company.

- Find out the hours the company can work with you. Most large online English language schools can offer a wide variety of times to suit your busy schedule.

This list is not to be taken as a perfect guideline to follow but rather to help you start your search on the wide open Internet for an online English language tutor. The Internet has been known sometimes as the wild west of commerce and you should not take this lightly as there are still scams and con artists trying to take your hard earned money. A lot of companies are building a great reputation selling their online language services, so take your time and ask a lot of questions before you decide.

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